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Hairys Rock Paris Nightclubs

Paris, France
Le Tennessee Jazz Club, a small and cozy Parisien nightclub, was the first of three clubs to host American rock & roll jam sessions with Hairy musician extraordinaire Kim Gimbal. As an added attraction, Gimbal was able to include the Hairys's Exalted-Ruler-in-Chief Michael Du Floth as side-kick on keyboards.

Tucked far back in the Latin Quarter of Paris, off narrow side streets and dark alleys in the City of Lights, Le Tennessee Club served whisky and red wine to the Hairy party, (Kim, Mike and Rhonda Du Floth) amidst soft Ottoman-style seats and tables. A shiny black upright was quietly nestled in the center of the musky blue room, while American jazz and blues serenaded the club's patrons, mostly college students, from hidden stereo speakers.

After ample whisky, Rhonda's coaxing and a pleasant chit-chat with local students who spoke English well, Kim played Desperado, a Vince Guaraldi tune, and some Caribbean licks. Then Michael followed with freestyle jazzy blues. The crowd loved it, and so did Rhonda, who became so emotional during the performance that she did a perfect judo flip on the way to the WC. There was magic in the air.

Next stop, the St. Michel Pub on the Seine, $12.00 per drink. Here the stage hosted a keyboard, an electric guitar and a drum machine. At $12 a pop it didn't take Kim long to get friendly with the house musician. Shortly thereafter Kim was blasting out Gloria in a solo act of emotion and nostalgia. Soon Du Floth was invited to play the keyboard for some of his patented blues licks, and the American duo presented Kansas City in C.

A short walk down the Seine brought the Hairys to Le Hous Club, a typical small, rowdy French place that was packed. The three managed a table close to the stage, where a band was playing American rock and blues, singing lyrics in English as if they did not know what they were really saying.

Kim introduced himself to the lead singer and was soon called to come up and perform. In his usual way Kim played bass and led the band in a rousing rendition of Gloria, in which Kim sang variably in French and English and played the crowd into a frenzy, leaving them screaming "plus! plus!" (more! more!). Kim then announced to the roaring crowd, "Let's bring up Michel Du Floth from California," and as the keyboard player stepped aside, Kim led the band in another Kansas City , and the crazy little women were treated to some good, old-fashioned American rock, piano licks included. The crowd roared again and left the Hairy party with memories of lifetime.

Jammin' in Paris, Voila !

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