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Hairy Workshops

Taking Hairy Lawn Brotherhood Seriously

Don't miss this important series for all Hairys. Learning to respect and honor your Piedmont heritage can provide you with a fond sense of well being."A Whole-hearty Commitment" is the focus of our initial fellowship led by Brother Kim.All lectures and workshops are free to card-carrying Hairy members and their families.

Poor Rich-Boy Syndrome
If you've ever felt even the slightest bit disadvantaged and burdened down by all the abusive advantages and opportunities that were often times just given to you, then sign up today for the Poor Little Rich Boy Syndrome Conference.
This years keynote speaker is Jimmy Polse, who will take you back through memory lane and the millions he threw away. .
If one of your greatest assets is also the biggest burden you bear then let this relaxing weekend workshop lift the monkey off your back forever. Learn the value and respect for money you never understood and forgive yourself for pilfering the stuff Piedmont is made of. It's OK to be a " poor little rich boy."

Coach Muenter Phobia

If you find yourself having trouble exercising often enough you too may suffer from Coach Muenter Phobia. The class meets every year at Trader Vics.
This year we take a closer look at the merits of screaming and belittling adolescent youth while participating in group sports.
Also, a look back at locker searches and the demise of Jim Kessler's football career, and a special report on how the Kimmers controlled the athletic programs at PHS.

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