1996 Hairy Update

Dear Hairy Brothers & Sisters,

The big news is the Super Bowl Luncheon. Last year all those in attendance had a fabulous time. This year marks the 4th year Brother Jim Karsant has hosted the Hairy event at the Fat Lady in Jack London Square. Last year, Master of Ceremonies Brother Bill Reinhard welcomed over 30 esteemed Hairys. Bill's performance was marvelous, and he is expected to take the helm again this year.

Highlights of last year's event included presentations to J.D. Kessler, Francis Heath, Dick Atkinson and John Evans with Lifetime Hairy Membership Certificates, and a special coffee mug award went to Brother Steve Merriam, whose speech left us all in stitches. Mark Pyne was named "Hairy of the Day" for having shaved his head while sporting a goatee.

This year, rumor has it that many Hairys are in fact not shaving before the get-together and plan to attend as quintessential examples of Real Hairys, disheveled, unshaven Piedmont locals with time on their hands, hanging out at the Hairy Lawn.

Attendees in 1995 included Brothers Howard Robbins, Doug Worrell, Bill Reinhard, Dean Miller, Jim Kurkjian, J.D. Kessler, Jim Lewis, Mark Roemer, George Karsant, Roger Birr, John Chovanes, Mark Pyne, Francis Heath, Steve Merriam, Tony Allard, Scott Mills, Bill Schock, Mark Bostick, John Robertson, Jim White, Jeff Endicot, John Evans, Mike Beritzhoff, Chris & Steve Mickelson, Larry Bennett, Dick Atkinson, Mike DuFloth and Jim Karsant.

As a special added attraction, long-time Hairy Fellow and trusted counselor from Piedmont High Dale Porter attended, and, I might add, he didn't look all that much older than the rest of us after 30 years.

This year should prove to be the biggest and best Super Bowl Luncheon ever, so please, call Brother Jim Karsant and make your reservations before the event. It is imperative that you call first and make a reservation so that we can plan with the Fat Lady. Even if you wait till the last moment to call, please do so. Call (510) 939-9468 today!
Other big news this year includes the debut of "The HairyNet" a cyberspace communications network of Hairys from across the country. For the last year, once or twice a week, several of us have been chit-chatting on the net with each other about everything from memorable keg parties to middle age crises.

Editorial submissions you see in this issue from Conrad Basset in Connecticut and Pete Horner in Atlanta were transmitted over the internet to Hairy Lawn Brotherhood Headquarters here in Forest Ranch CA. Brothers Kim & Lance Gimbal are regulars on the HairyNet, as is Brother Robert Mims from Oregon.

The time has come for Hairys to charge into the 21st century, and that means buying a personal computer and hooking up to an on-line service. As soon as you do, please make your first cyberspace communication to the HairyNet, at which time we will give you all the e-mail addresses of other Hairys. You can start by writing to: Brother Mike DuFloth.

A special thank you goes out to Brother Dean Miller who so generously sent me a $50 check to help defray the cost of publishing Hairy Lawn News. I haven't cashed the check yet but plan to hold on to it as a back-up Hairy retirement plan. Thanks Dean.

Editorial contributions to HLN are encouraged and so far we have published every single submission received. Pick your best friend and muckrake them for a laugh. Until then, best wishes to all my Hairy friends, even you, Tom, and especially you, Steve.
I leave the rest of you with the wand of Hairy Highlander spirit. Happy New Year!
Respectfully submitted,
Hairy Exalted Ruler, Michael Du Floth

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