Hairy TV Listings
By Conrad Bassett

7:00 Piedmont 94611Tonight...Doug Jones and Andy Thomas model their "buying jackets" (corduroy sport coats from Gene Thomas Fine Men's Wear) that they used at New Rex on November 12, 1969 to buy one six-pack of Coors, a half-gallon of Bali Hai, and two quarts of Annie Green Springs.

8:00 SportsCenter
Special highlights will include John Chiles on how to bank in free throws; rare footage of Gary Shupin and custodian Charles Tenney in a half-court shooting contest; Rob Schweitzer on bass fishing at Tyson Lake; Randy Leefeldt gives a course on bunjy-jumping from the Leimert Bridge.

8:30 Piedmont GladiatorsJohn Reilly and Tom Hooper have a tug-of-war on a Coors half-quart to see who gets to chug it. Best 4 of 7! The winner takes on Roger Bird (Skyline High champion) next week.

9:00 Speed WeekJim Polse (from jail) tells how to increase torque in a 1968 Ford Mach I, and Jay Carlson gives tips on how to drive from Piedmont to Mustang Ranch and back on one tank of gas.

10:00 MTV Dance PartyHost Sanford Colen shows video of the 1965 eighth-grade dance with the Syndicate of Sound; Hank Moreira does drum solos with Carl Borden (SOLOS?); Lee "Wimpersnapper" Phillips plays with the Bolinas Marimba Band.

11:00 NewsCoverage of Chris Cuyler's graduation from PHS... seeing as he had to go to Laney to get enough credits to graduate two months late. Also to be covered will be picketing at the Lakeside Deli, where Poor Boy prices have been raised from 60 cents to $4.50; investigative reports on Howard Robbins peeing into the secret batter at the old Colonel Sanders on Piedmont Avenue; live reports from Tim Kress.

11:30 Late Night with David LettermanGuests include Greg and John Moore, who will introduce their new "Connect a Dot Freckle" game; rich Gallinatti pushes his new book, "Being Short Never Kept Me From Having the Hots for Liz Treadwell"; Charlie Nemes will speak about being trapped in the Havens Mansion dungeon until one of the Jasaitis family bought the joint and set him free.

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